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Ultrasonic Surgical System
  vibration at an ultrasonic frequency. During cutting, the ultrasonic vibration of the system can denature hydrogen bonds inside the tissue cells in contact, which achieves coagulation and hemostasis of ruptured blood vessel. Featured by strong reliability and high surgical safety, it is not only a major basic auxiliary device for globally-leading minimally-invasive surgical procedures, but also a regular essential medical equipment in global and Chinese large- and medium-scale hospitals. There is a huge market demand in the world and in China. In addition, this product is in line with the national strategy of striving to develop "high-grade, high-precision, advanced and scarce" products as described in “13th Five-Year Plan for Strategic Emerging Industries Development. 

Advantages of solution:
Adaptive Tissue Technology can achieve optimal dissection and hemostatic effect
High-efficiency energy transmission solution can achieve ultra-long stable performance output of the system
Patented innovative structure design (patent number: ZL201821562843.0)
Reusable device solution meets the low-cost needs of the market
Complete model arrangement satisfies various levels of markets and clinical practices' demands on ultrasonic scalpel products
Intelligent control technology can greatly enhance man-machine manipulation performance

Advantages in equipped technology and performance:
Software and hardware double-protection and self-locking system
Encrypted device identification system of hand piece and scalpel
Detection technology of device access performance
Device over-temperature alarm and monitoring technology
Device malfunction monitoring and protecting technology
Incorrect operation (e.g. Prolonged blade activation with the clamp arm closed) warning and protecting technology

Advantages over high-frequency Electrosurgical devices:
Compared with high-frequency Electrosurgical devices, ultrasonic scalpel has advantages in terms of simultaneous implementation of dissection and hemostasis, significantly reducing the operation time due to multiple-purpose device, high safety, minimal lateral thermal spreads and smoke production etc. Thanks to its characteristics such as precise dissection and minimal thermal spread, ultrasonic scalpel will gradually replace traditional Electrosurgical devices and become the core device in future minimally-invasive surgery.

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Ultrasonic Surgical System

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